The interventions are addressed to children, young people, teachers, parents, associations and agencies of West Thessaloniki.

Addiction Prevention Center "Diktio Alpha" offers:

    - Lectures on the factors that protect against addiction and promote mental health.
    - Parent groups and single-parent groups according to the child's developmental stage intended to support parents in their role   and to improve communication in the family.
    - Seminars for teachers aiming at supporting them in their pedagogical role and strengthening the teacher-student relationship.
    - Supervision of teachers implementing preventive practices in school.
    - Teenagers' groups aiming at promoting skills and behaviors that protect from substance use.
    - Educational visits of students, sports teams, youth associations.
    - Creative workshops for teenagers.
    - Support groups for smoking cessation.
    - Training community groups in practices promoting prevention.
    - Events.
    - Counseling of individuals and families on addiction, interpersonal relationships and mental health issues in general.

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